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BTTF Car Delorean Hire Delorean Time Machine Hire Sean Bishop and J Ryan The Builders of the Time Machine

This amazing car was built 3 years ago by two fantastic prop builders J Ryan & Sean Bishop from LA Propper based in California

Sean experience building replica movie started with the Ecto 1, Sean was obviously well versed in a project of this scale but that didn’t mean that the time machine effort would be an easy one.  Months of prop building, years of parts collecting and a lifetime of research culminated into their interpretation of the mobile movie star we all know.

J Ryan found a donor car in Arizona in 2008 and drove the car home to start the long build.

BTTF Car Delorean Hire Delorean Time Machine Hire Supply Scrap Yard to make a Delorean Time Machine

Now that they had the car, they needed all the gear that bolts onto it.   They had been collecting all the little bits and pieces here and there for several years.  Dumpster diving and eBay surfing became favourite pass times.  Along with days, upon weeks and eventually months of scouring through military surplus yards looking to identify and find all the exact parts needed...

Of course they couldn’t find EVERY single part, so, what wasn’t found was either bought by other builders and modified to our liking or built from absolute scratch by us.

The Build took 4 months of hard work with most weekends going into the early hours at Sean's workshop.

BTTF Car Delorean Hire Delorean Time Machine Hire The Delorean Time Machine being Built

The Build took 4 months of hard work at Sean's workshop.

What always began as a Sunday afternoon, would unavoidably turn into a Sunday night and sometimes an early Monday morning.  There was always a huge sigh of relief once whatever particular late night task was complete.  They figured, if they were working that late, it was either something really tough, or something that J couldn’t drive home safely without completing first.  Maybe it was their exhaustion or maybe it was the resin fumes... but regardless, the late night hours were where they both felt most triumphant.  A prime example being that fantastic conduit...

BTTF Car Delorean Hire Delorean Time Machine Hire in The UK and Europe

Once she was finally complete, the first stop was to see their projects biggest fan, Simon Wells.  His great grandfather was H.G. Wells, who wrote “The Time Machine.”  In addition to directing the 2002 film of the same name, Simon had directed many films and worked in the art department on Back to the Future II and III. 

One was taken on the (then) Amblin lot in 1989 when the Time Machine was taken out of storage for the first time to begin production of Back to the Future II.  This photo is of Simon in 2008 in the DeLorean on the (then) Amblin lot (now) Dreamworks lot for the reunion and Time Machine homecoming...

(J  Ryan said, he IS our biggest fan and for his contributions, we are forever indebted.  Thank you Simon for all your support and all you’ve brought to this project.)

BTTF Car Delorean Hire Delorean Time Machine with Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale

In the end... it turned out great.  Building this car J said "This was probably the most fun I’ve ever had with a hobby and it has been a wonderfully rewarding experience."  This Time Machine brings a smile to faces wherever (or whenever) it goes and perhaps THAT is the most satisfying part.

After hearing about our car from Simon Wells... director, Robert Zemeckis asked us to bring it to the set of his latest film.  He also asked that producer Bob Gale be there as well to share in the fun.  

Thank you J Ryan & Sean Bishop for making this Fantastic Delorean Time Machine and letting it come to the United Kingdom to raise funds for Children's Charities......

BTTF Car Delorean Hire Delorean Time Machine with Gary Weaver the Real Doc Brown of Delorean Time Machine Building

After the car arrived in the UK the original car from the movie started to be restored. Many new details came out about the original Delorean Time Machine.
With the help of the amazing Gary Weaver of BTTF Parts working together we managed to up date the BTTF Car to a nearer perfect replica of the Time Machine from the movie.

Gary Weaver can be seen here, with one of his many cars he has built. He is one of the leading builders in Delorean Time Machine replicas and we couldn’t have got the car to this amazing standard without him

So a Big Thank You Gary Weaver…….. You Are The Man

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