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Back to the Future Official Events

From The Past to The Future…
The BTTF DeLorean has appeared at various Official Back to the Future Events

The BTTF DeLorean events have been many, But nothing is better than doing official Back to the Future events.
We are very honoured that the car has been used officially since 2008, importantly it should be noted
it’s the ONLY official BTTF DeLorean Time Machine in the U.K and across Europe.
We will continue to support the franchise throughout Europe.
We are absolutely honoured to be part of the Back to the Future story.

The BTTF Musical Promotional Video

Filmed in London in 2019
We supplied the BTTF Car to recreate the original movie trailer but with a twist for Back to the Future :The Musical
Songs from the musical can be heard playing from the stereo
Along side Olly Dobson, The musical Marty McFly
Opening night 20.02.2020

Delorean Hire UK

Back to the Future The Musical World Premiere

After nearly a year working with team for the musical
We were proud to be there for the World Premiere.
many celebrities attend including Brian May and some cast from Coronation Street
After the Show Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale , Alan Silvestri & Glen Ballard came centre stage with the Cast of the show.
There was an amazing after show party held at the Science and Industry Museum.

Sport Relief 2020

The cast of Back to the Future : The Musical
appeared on the BBC 1 charity show along side
the BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine
We had great fun getting the BTTF Car into the studios and up on to the stage.
2 great songs were performed from the show.
Last but not least
Make sure you go see it!

Delorean Hire UK

Back to the Future In Concert World Premiere

We supported the composer Alan Silvestri in 2015
The World Premiere was held in Switzerland
This was the first official event for the BTTF DeLorean in Europe
Thereafter the BTTF Car appeared at the Royal Albert Hall for the U.K Premiere.
Following this the DeLorean Time Machine supported
other venue across the country show the live spectacular.

The Scream Awards 2010

To celebrate  the 25th Anniversary of Back to the Future.
The BTTF Car filmed the opening scene,
then appeared on stage with Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Delorean Hire UK

Into The Scene

Your taken back to visit
original movie locations of Back to the Future,
including Twin Pines Mall & Marty’s house,
Plus filming around Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot.

The 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Interview

Within Bob Gale’s interview is a section on the BTTF Car
J Ryan can be seen with the car talking to Dean Cundey the original Director of Photography from the movie.
Find it on disc 3 in the extra’s under the Into the Future Section…