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Universal Studios Hollywood

Our DeLorean Time Machine was previously used by Universal Studios for the 25th anniversary,
  their Blu-ray release in 2010 has a documentary with Dean Cundey and our BTTF DeLorean.

The BTTF Car at the Original Filming Locations

Back in 2008 a documentary titled “Into the Scene” was produced by Starz / Encore
Presenter Erick Matters travels to the original filming locations in our BTTF DeLorean
and more importantly reveals their real locations for fans to visit.

The Scream Awards 2010

The opening scene has the feel of the original movie with the BTTF DeLorean located in 1985
We see a figure dressed in the yellow plutonium suit, he programs the time circuits before pulling way from outside a night club, the DeLorean races up to 88 MPH and time travels into the Future, 2010 to be precise,
suddenly appearing from a cloud of smoke the DeLorean arrives onto 
the stage.
The gullwing door opens and the drive steps out it’s presenter David Spade.

The celebrity audience absolutely go crazy as a tribute to the movie runs.

Following this, the presenter introduces to the stage the incredible
Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloy
who understandably receive a standing ovation.
First and foremost they was presented with a life time achievement award, then they both give a great exception speech and hugged, showing what true friends they really are.

What an amazing scene our BTTF DeLorean sharing the stage with the 2 main stars of the movie.
The history of our DeLorean Time Machine used by Universal Studios
 is without a doubt an incredible part of its legacy before it headed to the U.K in 2011
Watch the full video Here