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New Wheels for the BTTF Car

After 40 years

worn out wheel on the BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine

New Wheels for the BTTF Car required!!!
Well time hasn’t been kind to the aluminium wheels on the DeLorean Time Machine.
But what can you expect, its travelled around the world, visited 20 countries, been sat in by over 15,000 fans.
The hard weather had made the coating crack and the rim edges where peeling away.
Unfortunately the tyres deflated every couple of days and we couldn’t risk them being damaged.
So we had to do something fast.

New Rim Required Fast

So we needed to find someone that could help and bring the rims of the DeLorean back to life.
We made many phone calls to various wheel refurbishment companies in our area.
All said they could do them, Just drop them off for a couple of days and they would fix them.
Problem was how do we take off all 4 wheels of the DeLorean and store the car safely with no spares to put back on.
This was no use to us, we needed someone that could take the car in and store onsite safely.

Who ya gonna call ?

Then we called Body and Wheels Workshop in Westgate on Sea.
We spoke to them and explained what was required.
We wasn’t sure they believed us when we said it was a DeLorean Time machine.  So we took the car out for a spin and dropped in on them.

They didn’t believe their eyes as we pulled into the drive way.  “Back in Time” by Huey Lewis and the News blasting out the rear of the car.
SO after checking where the car would be stored we booked her in for the following week.

D Day arrives

So up early to get the car to the garage by 8:30am, Great Scott !!
The roads are busy with school runs and workers heading in even in Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.
How many photos where taken on that ride by people using their phones behind the wheel?
So we pull into Body and Wheels garage and store the car under a BMW already up on a ramp with it wheels off.
BTTF car in for new wheels
Yes I was able to open the door and get out.

So the process started, the family run business really went beyond what I expected, they photographed the whole process for us.
BTTF car DeLorean Time Machine worn out wheels
The Rims really had seen better days, the last 40 years hadn’t been kind.

So the process started, the wheels where cleaned and stripped.
BTTF Car rims being prepared

Now that the DeLorean rims where ready to be powder coated, they found a colour as close as possible to match what the car had when it first rolled of the industrial line back in 1981.
BTTF Car DeLorean Rim coated

the Rim back on the BTTF DeLorean to check it out

The Finished Rims

So only 27 hours after dropping the BTTF DeLorean off at the restoration garage our phone rings.
“Your car is ready to collect” we heard a friendly voice say.
“Wow” I replied, “We was told leave them with us for a couple of days from all other garages we had contacted.”
“The owner had stayed late that evening to get them finished for you” they replied.
What a fantastic service, we can not recommend Body and Wheels Workshop at Westgate on Sea enough for their amazing service they supplied, The price we hear you ask, £70 per wheel plus VAT. Bargain….
New fresh rims fitted back on the BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine

What’s Next?

To finish off the proper look of the wheels on the DeLorean we need some Goodyear Eagle GT tyres.
These where the same tyres that where fitted to the original Time Machine as seen in Back to the Future.

Goodyear Tyres for the BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine

Now That’s another adventure….



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