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BTTF Car Celebrity Rides

Back to the Future Original Cast and Crew

Our DeLorean Time Machine has supported many of the original Cast and Crew from the Back to the Future Trilogy.
They all loved the car and were kind enough to sign the dash or sun visor and pose for a few photos.
We continue to support them across the U.K , Europe and Beyond.
These are the BTTF Car celebrity rides we cherish the most.

BTTF Car Celebrity Rides

Some other BTTF Car celebrity rides have come from some of our favourite movies and TV shows.
We have been involved on various TV shows, World and European Premieres and many Comic Cons.
Many celebrities have jumped at the chance to view the car, ask to grab a photo in the driver seat, of course we say Yes!
Who wouldn’t want to sit where Marty McFly & Doc Brown had once been…
Looking forward to who will be our next celebrity time traveller, could it be You?

Hollywood Stars

TV Celebrities

Sports Personalities