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Bob Gale honours BTTF Car officially with the letter M

August 16th 2023 became a red letter day in the history of the BTTF Car along with Mr Bob Gale.

Bob is writer & director of the original trilogy and the hit Musical, We met him early morning in London.

Bob Gale grants official letter. To the BTTF Car for all its work on the Back to the Future Musical

The BTTF Car History.

The BTTF Car had been used for so much in the development of the Back to the Future the Musical. From scans and photos to design the stage cars to the worldwide posters and merchandise for sale.

Bob Gale chose to show his appreciation of this by honoring the car with the letter M (musical).

Bob Gale adds M to the BTTF Car setting the car in Official Back to the Future History

The Bob Gale Official Marking.

Bob Gale marked the BTTF Car in the original position the A car was marked for the movie.
The letter A can actually be seen in the original Back to the Future if you look closely on the DeLorean.

Bob Gale shows off the official worldwide Back to the Future the Musical DeLorean Time Machine

This was such an amazing opportunity and will be part of  the DeLorean Time Machine legacy.

knowing all the cars around the world that appear on stage for the BTTF Musical come directly from our car design.

Now you might think that’s not a big deal. If I tell you 7 Time Machine’s where built for the trilogy and that only 3 of those DeLorean’s have ever been officially marked with a letter in the franchise.

Other BTTF Car’s with official letters.

The restored A car DeLorean Time Machine

The A car classed as the Hero car and used the most across the trilogy. This was restored back in 2011 and is now on display at the Petersen Automotive in LA.
Members of the restoration team built our original car which supported the 25th anniversary with Universal Studios Hollywood.


The B car from Back to the Future TrilogyThe B car used as the stunt car, appearing in a 3 movies. It ended its life as a Time Machine when the freight train hit it on the tracks. Years later the car panels where on display at Planet Hollywood in Hawaii unlit it closed.The car was auctioned and is now part of a private collection of Bill and Patrick Shea who live in Massachusetts. For more details Click Here.

The C car had parts of its exterior cut away to give access to cameras for interior close-up shots.






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We will continue supporting the Back to the Future the Musical as it opens around the world.