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Jack’s School Prom 2023 in The DeLorean Time Machine

A very good friend  asked us to drop his son Jack off at his school prom in the DeLorean Time Machine.

We met Jack and his family and friends in Ramsgate over looking the sea.

Cameras flashed from all around and then we headed out on the special journey.

Heads turned as we traveled through the town, “The Power of Love” playing to the people on the side of the streets.

People waved, cars beeped their horns to acknowledge what an amazing sight they could see.

Then we turned and headed to the School…

BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Prom car 2023

Many of Jack’s peers at school didn’t believe he had access to a DeLorean Time Machine for Prom.
So we had to do something about that…

Image their surprise as Jack pulled into the schools car park in the BTTF Car with the theme tune played from the rear external speakers.
We turned the corner into the drop off area. He released the Co2 which came bellowing out of the rear jets.

DeLorean Time Machine arrived at St George’s School Broadstairs for Jacks Prim 2023

Yes, he turned every head in the car park as the kids shouted loudly, “Better than a Lambo or that McLaren”.


So pleased to have helped you out Jack on your final trip to school 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Love Molly x