The Only Official BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine in Europe
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Back to the Future the Musical poster featuring the BTTF Car

BTTF The Musical

The Official BTTF Musical Car was produced from many scans, measurements and photos of our BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine.
So to be able to drive across the stage at 88 mph they construction of the stage  car was slightly smaller but a high level of detail has been replicated as possible to match our car.

The stage cars are built by the talented prop builders of Souvenir Scenic Studios and  The Twins FX.
More of the build process covering the stage car can be found here on our blog.

The BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire displayed with the BTTF Musical stage car as it was finished before being delivered to the Theatre

We are honored  being the Official DeLorean Time Machine selected to promote the ‘Back to the Future the Musical”.

The show currently features in London’s Westend  & Broadway New York.

2024 will bring ref USA touring show with other locations to follow.

Back to the Future the Musical Broadway Poster featuring the BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire

Over time there has been many variations of the Back to the Future the Musical posters.

Originally featured Olly Dobson and Roger Bart as Marty & Doc.

Future posters featured Ben Joyce, Casey Likes as Marty McFly and Cory English as Doc Brown.

The actors changed over time but one thing remains the same, our car.

We will continue to be the Official BTTF Musical Car and feature worldwide supporting The Back to the Future The Musical.