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BTTF Musical Broadway Gala Night

6 days aways in New York for The BTTF Musical Broadway Gala VIP opening night, what an experience.BTTF Musical Broadway VIP Gala Night Invite Ticket

So The BTTF Car stayed at home, but we was asked to find a suitable DeLorean Time Machine in the USA.

We had a few days exploring around New York and taking in the sights, a trip to the Statue of Liberty was a must.

Then on Tuesday 25th July at 6pm we headed down to the Winter Gardens Theater on Broadway.

The Red Carpet.

Crowds of fans gathered at the barriers as the VIP guests arrived. The celebrities took to the red carpet whilst cameras flashed.

The DeLorean Time Machine made a great backdrop outside of the theater.

Steven Spielberg at the BTTF Musical Broadway VIP opening night Gala, BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire

Michael j Fox , Christopher Lloyd with the cast of the BTTF Msical Broadway, BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire

Then came our turn. My family looked amazing even my Dad wore a suit !!!

BTTF Car family at the BTTF Musical Broadway VIP opening red carpet Gala evening

Inside the Theater.

In the crowd the original movie cast looked on. Michael J Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Huey Lewis, James Tolkan, Marc McClure, Donald Fullilove and Harry Walkers Jr.

Also Steven Spielberg, Bob Gale, Robert Zemeckis, Alan Silverstri and Glen Ballard enjoyed the official VIP opening night.

After the show many joined the Broadway cast and Bob Gale thanked everyone for coming.

Official Opening night of the BTTF Musical Broadway cast and crew plus original cast members of the movie

The After Show Party.

Then onto the BTTF Musical Broadway Gala VIP after show Party, held at the Ziegfeld Ballroom.

The ballroom was dressed as The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance , it looked fantastic, the complementary food and drink was amazing. The party went on till 2am.

After show party at the BTTF Musical Gala

It was a fabulous experience that we will never forget.

The Store.

The following day we visited the Back to the Future the Musical souvenir Store, located next to the theater.

BTTF Car inside the BTTF Musical Store Broadway. The store is full of merchandise featuring our car

My dad loved the place. He was so honoured to see all the cool merchandise featuring our car alongside Casey Likes (Marty McFly) and Roger Bart (Doc Brown).

He commented, “It seemed to be a Store for The BTTF Car !!”.

BTTF car at the BTTF Musical Broadway saying goodbye outside the theatre

So if you ever get the chance to go see the show, make sure you pop by the store and pick up something featuring the amazing BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine .