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BTTF Car B&M Store Back to the Future Cereal Release

Back to the Future breakfast cereal arrived at B&M Home Store along with the BTTF Car.

Back to the Future breakfast Cereal at B&M Home Store BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire inside car cereal box


The DeLorean Time Machine pulled up outside the B&M Store entrance, customers flocked around the car for photos.

MPRUK had released this themed Back to the Future Multigrain Chocolate Balls Cereal. Stating great source of calcium and iron.

The box size is approximately 375g

Priced at £2.25 a box and available in store or online.

The cereal box has some great art work and will be guaranteed to pull the Back to the Future Fans in.

Who could resist Doc and Marty one side and the DeLorean Time Machine the other.

Several B&M Home Store staff posed with cereal boxes alongside the BTTF Car.

B&M Home Store staff with the BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire and The Back to the Future breakfast cereal

Alongside this released was a Jaws breakfast cereal again with some amazing artwork on the box.

Anyone growing up in the 80’s or an avid fans of the movies will love starting their day eating this cereal whilst admiring  the box.

If only there was a toy inside we could relive those childhood memories.

Steven Spielberg Jaws breakfast cereal available at B&M Home Store displayed on the BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine Hire

We are sure that these boxes will become very collectible and will start appearing in fan’s collections.
So buy 2 boxes, one to eat and the other to keep for your Future kids.

If you have a product launch that could benefit from the appearance of a DeLorean Time Machine.  Please contact us via our Hire Page.

Love Molly x