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Michael J Fox and the BTTF Car

Michael J Fox is a house hold name , but to a Back to the Future fan he’s so much more.

Michael J Fox from Back to the Future and a current upto date photo

In 2014 we was informed that Michael J Fox had been booked to appear at his 1st ever comic con.

You can image our excitement when we was asked to supply the BTTF Car for him to use.

So July arrived and Olympia was packed.
It was a hot summer and people where packed in tight, all wanting to meet the main man himself.

Also attending was Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Claudia Wells and many more.

Back to the Future Cast reunion London 2015


This was going to be a celebration of the 30th anniversary of the original film.
2015 was also the year Doc and Marty time travelled in to the future n Back to the Future 2.

Tickets were expensive but that didn’t stop them selling out in record time.

Meeting Michael J Fox.

The time came in the day for Michael to do his photo shoot with the BTTF Car.
I could feel butterflies in the stomach, Michael came in with his security and greeted me like an old friend.

Michael J Fox – Marty Mcfly

We spoke about my car briefly and he mentioned that he knew my car and remembered signing it at the Scream Awards 2010  in Hollywood.

The shock on his face when I told him the last owner had removed the sun visors with his and Christopher Lloyd’s signatures on.

What Michael said can’t be repeated on here but he was more than happy to sign the dash board on the passenger side, next to his good friends director Robert Zemeckis and writer Bob Gale who had signed the car back in 2008

Michael went on that weekend to sign autographs and pose for photos with 1000’s of fans.

This will be a time in the history of the BTTF Car that we will treasure and only a very few DeLorean Time Machine owners in the World can say that Michael J Fox sat in their car and signed it.

We now fund raise for  the Michael J Fox Foundation in their fight again Parkinson’s.

Thanks Steven.