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The Back to the Future Musical Promotional Video

We was contacted to be part of a special project linked the the Official Back to the Future franchise.

The BTTF Car was officially getting involved with the BTTF Musical.

Bob Gale personally told us it all had to be kept secret but how exciting.

Filmed in London on the 17th April 2019 we supplied the BTTF Car to recreate the original movie trailer but with a twist for Back to the Future The Musical

The BTTF Car DeLorean Time Machine on set of the Back to the Future The Musical Trailer being filmed with Olly Dobson

Filming with Olly Dobson who became the new Marty McFly.

We spent the whole day in the London Studio getting it just right.

lights set, the studio floor sprayed to look wet, Olly walked into set.

Olly really played the part well and really loved filming with the DeLorean.

So Marty makes his way into the car, makes himself at home then finds the ticket!!

Songs from the musical can be heard playing from the stereo as Olly retunes it.

We then see the speedo race up to 88 mph as he time travels to the stage door of the Opera House on opening night.

This was part one of a teaser trailer, the 2nd was going to feature Christopher Lloyd.

Olly had big shoes to fill, but boy he does a great job!

Opening night 20.02.2020

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Love Molly x